Tuesday, November 17, 2009

at what point do you "Know"?

...that you need glasses?

here's one example:

this morning, i made some more of those delicious (albeit charred) pumpkin pancakes (you know, the ones with raisins, and banana, and anything else within range of the pan).


as i was eating my pancake, i used my fingers to pick up a tiny raisin (or was it a charred piece of pancake?) off of the counter, and (since nobody was watching), i immediately lifted it up to my mouth.  ..as my fingers entered my mouth, i realized that the raisin had slipped out of my hand, and fell back to the counter.

it was at that point when i realized that the raisin was, in fact,

a ladybug.

she appeared to be moving, so i re-leased her -- from the back porch into the brisk north carolina air.

(no. ..if i'd actually eaten that crunchy raisin/ladybug, you would not be reading this story)

and that's (probably) all that needs to be said, about that.


  1. You know it when you try to eat a ladybug.

    Aging is just a story...

  2. is it all just history, or is everyone's story a mystory?

    one could probably write a book about that.

  3. Yeah, Bro...get those glasses. And soon.

    It will be the kindest thing you could do for the little critters of the world (which you seem to have more adventures with than most people do.)

    xoxoxo, me

  4. hi, clare!

    i've got the glasses...
    ...but where did i put them?

    (maybe it's more than just eyesight :)

    you're right, of course, about the critter encounters. as you know, these stories merely scratch the surface -- in mutual of lenny's wild kingdom.

  5. In the story of aging, not taking yourself too seriously helps. Just ask my husband, who is constantly hunting for his glasses! He also seems to forget every order I give him.

  6. ...and let's not forget "hearing."

    i've found that, instead of "forgetting" orders, it's better to never have heard them in the first place :)

    the phenomenon is called "high-frequency hearing loss."

    so, let's hear it for aging! as we can see, it's the natural way to become young.