Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wrecking ball

"bring on your wrecking ball"
-bruce springsteen

there are times in life, when life's card-dealer will simply deal you the worst possible hand (out of all possible hands).'s as if a perfect storm is looming on y/our horizon.

there are a few times in life, when wIe are simply ready to say:

"bring it on."

why does it seem as if springsteen's latest song "wrecking ball" has nothing to do with yankee stadium, and has everything to do with the boss' current challenges?

it sounds as if he's saying: yes, yes, i know that the wrecking ball is coming... i know that the pleasures and dreams that were once realized in this place are about to become nothing but memories... i know that my life, as i knew it, will never be the same...

"bring it on."

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* do any of you ever have times when you wonder what it (life) is all about? you ever question the very fabric of your decisions? ..have you ever questioned the most basic, fundamental appearances of reality?

* after resisting the inevitable, maybe the trick is to give-in, to let go, and to say:

"bring it on."


  1. In therapy, it got very, very dark. Traumatic memories of a rape came up, full blown post traumatic stress flashbacks; I could even smell the guy again. All the feelings that I might be killed, fear in its most extreme, all the physical pain, everything was there, I was reliving it. My therapist suggested a technique whereby I would more fully relive the whole experience, and by doing it, exorcise the vivid flashbacks. Even though I was very nearly a wreck from already reliving it in spurts, my immediate response was "bring it on". Because, I suppose, I preferred feeling things to the numbness of before, and because I had (well-placed as it turns out) faith in my therapist. I was no longer waiting to live. "Bring it on" can just jump out of the mouth sometimes whether we believe we are ready, or not!

  2. wow. sorry that you went through all of that. vivid reliving of trauma doesn't sound like something that most would allow.

    was the technique similar to hypnotic regression, and is it something that you would recommend?

    do you think that a part of us knows if/when we are ready to "bring it on"?


  3. It was EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). Read about it in Wiki:

    I guess in every story, "bring it on" takes courage, and courage, along with everything else, is always available.