Friday, October 9, 2009


why... people in other countries think that the u.s.a. is absolutely nuts?

no idea.

of course, half of our country is mad because our sitting president just won a Peace Prize.


no, you didn't read it incorrectly...

* it's not because he stole a Peace Prize,

* it's not because he lobbied for a Peace Prize,

* it's not because he kicked their dog, and

* it's not because he encouraged a culture that bilked americans out of half of their retirement money, so that his buddies could become filthier and richer than anyone could have ever dreamed possible, ever, in the history of planet earth.

* it's not because he angered nearly every country on the globe, by spouting eight years worth of "we'll do it our way, without regard to you, because you don't matter, because i said so."

no, he didn't do (or say) that.

by no fault of his own,
he was nominated for, and won, a prize for Peace.

no, he didn't build a bridge to nowhere...

no, he didn't approve of oil rigs in the gulf, and tar balls on your beaches...

no, he didn't say that every other courntry's views on global warming were wrong, or refuse to sign papers that every civilized, intelligent county on the globe thought important enough to sign...

no. ..instead:

he's been going about the extremely impossible task of mending a very ill planet, by attempting to influence ingrained systems that are literally choking the planet to death...

he's been attempting to mend and create relationships...

no. ..he did not steal your niece's tricycle...

he was nominated for a Peace Prize, and international people felt strongly enough about him that they voted in such a way that he won it. ..then he (in a very humble way) went about trying to use the event as a way to propel us forward.

many, many so-called "patriotic" people in the u.s.a. (many of those who would have slapped you down hard if you hadn't supported a "wartime president"), yes, half of them are mad...

...because their sitting president won a Peace Prize.

Peace, for God's sake...

let's get mad, because our sitting president is being recognized for Peace.

let's do the opposite of supporting our president, in a time of global concern, in a time when global issues impact every, single one of us.

after all, who in the world cares about Peace?


it's hard to figure out why...
...those crazy people in other countries think that the u.s.a. is absolutely nuts.

what's wrong with all of those foreign peace-mongers?

-the end


i apologize in advance, and i might delete this post in a few days, because wIe is not a political organization, nor do we want to become ingrained in ridiculous political arguments.

i just needed to vent.


  1. Len, Thank you! I agree totally with you. You just put it so much more eloquately than I.


  2. OK, venting is GOOD. It's HEALTHY, it releases pent up stress. It's RELAXING. iT'S A GOOD MESSAGE for the brain. So it's OK. In fact brother, as you would probably guess, I agree with you 100%. I believe OUR President is trying his best to right a multitude of problems he inheritted rather than developed on his own. It's too bad we can't put aside our political differences for a short time and bond together in solitude as we did immediately after 9-11.
    Aloha - Willy

  3. hi jean, hi willy.

    some of my post was tongue-in-cheek, and a tad over the top (of course), but when americans bitch about the fact that our president was nominated for (and WON) a nobel PEACE prize...

    ...that's akin to taking lemonade and turning it into a lemon.

    ...that's like winning the lottery, and complaining about the taxes.

    ...that's looking at the big, beautiful blue sky, and whining about the fact that there's a dark cloud developing, up there somewhere.

    i wonder:

    * in a two-party system, when people vote one way (and their candidate loses), i wonder if they begin to WANT the winner to fail (if only to justify their own righteousness).

    i wonder:

    * do the obama-haters ever actually LISTEN to him, objectively, without the rush-colored glasses on?

    i wonder:

    * what is it, deeeeeep down, that stirs up this kind of mean-spiritedness?

    * why would intelligent americans want their president to FAIL?

    confused (and to be honest, tired). luckily, i can circumnavigate most news stories.

  4. it! Glad I got to see it before it comes down. And to think I was going to stop watching the news. ;)

    I agree with Jean. You said it so eloquently.

    Thank you.

  5. hi, roberta!

    even with the little news i get, the "nobel backlash" generated numerous web-based stories and several e-mail threads.

    the e-mail (forward) that broke the camel's back, so to speak (i received it more than once) detailed everything that obama allegedly has/hasn't done ever since the day he got into office. it actually acused him of "skipping church" and "partying."

    i didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    none of us knows what and why any of us do the things that we do. obviously, none of us will ever know what the president knows, so judging him based upon news stories actually says much more about US than it does about him.

    i've actually gained a little more respect for our PAST president, seeing how obama (now supplied with presidential level information) is staying the course in a couple of our ongoing military interventions. there must be reason for this.

    i've never labeled myself as "democrat" or "republican" and have voted for the third party candidate on several occasions over the past 30 years...

    ((not last year, which was [i.m.o.] a "no-brainer"))

    ...but i am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. does anyone know people who can really be lumped in the black/white boxes that the media wants to lump people into?

    even the major issues are soooo much deeper than the black/white "pro choice" vs. "pro life" labels that people ocassionally kill each other over.

    maybe people just like to argue.

    maybe people are in pain, and we relieve (or is that re-live) ourselves of pent-up energy by lashing out, by criticism, by judgement, and by complaining.

    maybe, by complaining about someone else's back yard, we keep others' eyes off of our own.


  6. Wooo, get political and the hits go up!

  7. and now, i gently bow out of the political arena.

    communication feels different, when we are "trying to make a point." even if we get to feel "righteous," the resulting tendency is not toward ease.

    of course, if the thing gets written, then it gets posted. the interesting part is conducting a bit of self-analysis, after the fact, as part of the ongoing feedback process.