Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what is Enlightenment?

when a candle meets its match, that's Enlightenment.

too often, we for-get to For-Give in to the fact that wIe are All-Ready we go and search for something to do, in order to Be


when any one piece (or glimpse) of Light can be seen as Enlightenment, when any one part of the hologram reflects the Whole, the only conclusion can be that you are already tHere, and tHere's NowHere else to e-go (except, maybe, wHere no man has gone before).

of Course (and a-gain), you cannot not.

maybe enlightening strikes at many levels, in many forms -- and maybe full Enlightening is the very process of Itself (at whatever level it appears to be on).

in this way, a flower or a dolphin is just as Enlightened as the most far-sighted a world where Seers are InSpired by drops of rain, surely your thoughts and ideas are worthy of contemplation and expression.

by the power non-vested in wIe,
i hereby pronounce YOU,


* InSpired by my brothers and sisters and parents and friends, who, each in his own way... draws his own, future conclusions from his personalized In-sight into this, the precious Present (moment).

picture #1: galaxy: free download from

picture #2 and drawing #3:  john martineau's hand, drawing  john albert martineau's  business logo/name (graphicjam)
-by l. martineau.


  1. Well, as you'd expect, I think this is great! Thanks for pronouncing us all enlightened, saving so many a fortune in one-to-ones with an Advaita teacher!

  2. wIe Is/are happy to help others' save.

    " the master and the student caught each-other's eye, each re-Cognized that s/he was gazing into a reflection from the In-finite m(e)rror."

    (or something like that :)