Saturday, October 3, 2009


when the fall winds turn cool, it's time for live college football, baby!

as you may know, my brother (jim casey) is a georgia bulldog. they call themselves "the dawgs." ..even though my heart still bleeds garnet and gold, and even though my hand favors the florida state university seminole's "tomohawk chop" over a bunch of growling maniacs, i support uga (and u.g.a.).

"uga" is u.g.a.'s mascot (he's the bullodog pictured below):

the plan is to meet in downtown athens georgia on friday night, and to experience the kind of pre-game fun that major universities are known for. it will be (literally) electric!

saturday, of course, it's up and at 'em, as we're scheduled to help jim's son (matt) set up his tailgate (at 0700).


yes, 0700. after all, the game is at three (and you don't want to miss anything).

so consider yourself warned: the next couple of posts might reveal a pic (or two) of fans dressed in red and black, taunting fans wearing purple and yellow. ..dawgs vs. tigers. game day, baby!

the last time we went to a u.g.a. game, it was a less meaningful venue (a bowl game in orlando against a team from michigan [click here for the link] ).
this time, the game will be a u.g.a. home game, "between the hedges" (click here) against a conference rival who is ranked in the top 10. that would make u.g.a. the under-dawg (so to speak), in college football's game of the week.

bowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! grrrrr...
rrrrruff, rrrrrrrruff! grrrrrrrrrrr...
go dawgs!
grrrowl! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


* note: if you've never been to a southeastern conference college football game on a sunny october afternoon, i cannot begin to describe the experience. put it on your bucket list, and please don't wait until you're too old to enjoy every play.


  1. Guess where the Seminoles are this weekend? Can you say BOSTON!!! Gentleman, have a great time!!

  2. hey robertababy!

    seems as though the criminoles took one on the chin at boston college this weekend.

    great game, down here in georgia also (although, same fate).

    good times all around, win or lose...