Thursday, October 8, 2009

snakes alive!

yes, yes... for those of you who know me, you know that i've always loved snakes, animals, etc.

well... on the way home, tonight, this beautiful garter snake was crossing the street in an obvious attempt to end its own life. ..i just had to intervene.

i stopped the car, picked up the snake, and (contrary to what one might expect) she was incredibly calm, cool, collect.

below: snake in the house

i decided to release her a few hundred yards away, in the direction that she was headed, but (before that) i took a few photos. ..she never came remotely close to trying to bite (at first), but s/he eventually got very angry when i let her go (in the woods).

i think that the flash from the camera might have stunned her, and she lashed out a few times.

left: garter snake, in a defensive posture

eventually, s/he made her way into the woods and slipped under a fallen tree.

s/he was colorful: deliciously brown, black, yellow -- spotted and striped, sleek and curvacious.

-the beginning

of course, any snake experience will bring up snake memories, so i looked back in the archives and found the following links:


  1. The snake, for all it's bad press, is a deeply archetypal symbol of healing. Witness the caduceus.

  2. hi, n[O]ne!

    interestingly enough "the caduceus" was the name of our high-school yearbook. it was a classic!

    now it's all beginning to fit together...

    ...because after that, i spent six healthy years at the University of Rhode Island (URI) -- or "you are I" from a "duality withIn Oneness" perspective.


    other mascots/themes:

    * the purple (classical)
    * the ram (URI)
    * the seminole (florida state)


    * purple
    * powder blue
    * garnet and gold

  3. My alma mater was better known as the party capital of the USA (in the mid-80's) than for any wholeness or nondual symbolism. (Indiana University - Bloomington.) Good thing it doesn't matter where you come from!

  4. crazy as it seems, so one, i've sipped a brewski or two at IU (bloomington) 1982-1984.

    is it possible that "no one" could have been sitting at the next table over??? probably.

    ever been to "connors," the rugby bar in indianapolis? how about the indy-500 mini-marathon? have you ever been a "broadripple cripple"? ft. wayne?

    ...and on, and on...

  5. I may have cooked your food if you ate at the Magic Horn or the Irish Lion; the latter is still there on 212 W. Kirkwood! Deep fried battered pickles anyone?

  6. i remember those fried battered pickles...

    ...i think the waitress said "would you like fries with that?"

    ...and (in those days) that delicious combination would have been accompanied by a pitcher of bloomington's finest laaahguh.

  7. We used to drink Little King's Cream Ale by the case. It was like weak water.

  8. weak water, with a hint of beer flavour (sounds alot like our own natural lite, in the can).

    "yuk" doesn't even come close.

    hey, no one,

    do youse guys actually PARTY over there, in the u.k.?

    no one (here) can (Really) say.