Thursday, October 22, 2009

snakes alive, part II

yesterday, as the north carolina fall weather moved in
(earlier than expected or wanted)...
...the last backyard lizard slowly said "goodbye."

left & above: lazy lizard
(notice the sleepy, pre-hibernation eyes)

then, almost as if it knew that the day's topic was "healing,"
a big black snake crossed my path, down by the greenway.

he appeared to be both sleepy and depressed, so i picked him up and gave him some reiki (or was that "sneiki"?)
...and then brought him upstairs for this photo-op.

he was a tad skinny, but measured up from the floor to my chin -- which makes him almost 5 feet long.

i drove him back to the greenway, and could only imagine the stories that he'd be telling his family:

"dude, i was abducted by this giant ali-len, who took me to a far-away place and photographed me. ..then he transported me back here, in an egg-shaped space ship named 'prius'."

family's response: "riiiiiiiiiiight, yeah, suuuuure..."

below: mr. black snake gets re-leased, back into the wilds of charlotte, nc.

above: snakie t. phone hooooooome!

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