Sunday, October 4, 2009

seeing red (and black)

here's how they do it at u.g.a. (tailgating 101)

below: the night before the game

.........................................below: my room at the naval coastal systems center

above: my wardrobe (provided by jim and co.)
included a georgia visor (red, with a big "G" on the front),
a georgia shirt (white, with red, with "G"),
a georgia backpack (red, with large, black "G"),
a georgia huggie (red, with "G," and
georgia shorts (red, with little black "G's" all over)

below: campus fountains, etc.

during georgia home games, if you ain't a bulldog, you've got nowhere to hide...

below: 6 a.m., at kroger, buying last-minute tailgate items

below: pre-tailgate (set-up) -- seven a.m.

below: during the tailgate

above: jim, talking trash

below:  a fan and her bulldog

our tailgate menu:

low-country boil:
  • sausage, giant prawns, potatoes, onion, corn-on-the-cobb (all in melted butter)
  • dirty rice (with beans, etc.)
  • fruit plate
  • home-made hot sauce (matt's special recipie... hot!)
  • fried chicken
  • lobster-tail (all-u-can-eat)
  • imported beers, and a sampling of coors light
  • open bar (including top-shelf tequilia)
  • some kind of dessert thing with lots of chocolate chips in it
  • water

below: this quadrangle is set aside for frisbee, games, football tossing, line-dancing, etc., etc.

fans get into a little pre-game dance session

below: the game

above: lots of red and black out there! (can you guess where the student-section is?)

unfortunately, georgia couldn't pull out the win.  not only that, but florida state and oklahoma (my other teams) both lost close games.  all-in-all, it was impressive to watch the u.g.a. fans and the l.s.u. fans interact, downtown, after the game.   lots of class: no taunting, no arguments, no trouble... just good people, living it up on game day/night!


  1. Here I am in South Bend, and Notre Dame beat Washington in OT. Nyahhh!

  2. hey, no one!

    there's something in particular about a college football environment, isn't there?

    when i lived in indy, there was never even a chance of scalping a notre dame ticket. did you get near the tailgate action?

    anyway, hope you had a great week in the 'ol u.s.a., and keep on rockin' the u.k.

    go irish!