Wednesday, October 14, 2009


plans [1]

by p. lanning

sometime beyond the Now
a time that we’ll call "when"

sometime about the vow to get together yet again
a time (out in the future) when your wish is my command

sometimes we need
a time to freely talk (and think) of



* plans give the Present an air of excitement when we project potential, future fun into the Now.
* sometimes, we for-get (and project negativity into the future), which results in hellacious now-moments.
* i like planning things with you. ..not only does it prepave the way toward that experience, it also has a brightening effect on the Now.
* plans are dreams that are in the process of becoming reality.
* thoughts... are plans.


[1] martineau, l. (10-30.1-2007). book 55: green. © 2008

-pictures from a vacation in st. thomas, made possible by my sister & brother-in-law (donna & tom) who share a time-share.

-the pictures are from a private sail/sorkel trip:
* picture #1 is the dingy of the rumbaba, our boat
* picture #2 shows jo&al, having fun on vacation
* picture #3 is al (in contemplation)

if there's one thing that dad would have wanted in his life, it would have been a boat. ..he's even envisioned himself, all alone, just rowing away (backwards) on the charles river (in one of those rowing shells).
he feels a sense of freedom when he thinks about that.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh... plans

    at present:

    * Oct 17: reiki session, with jules
    * Oct 31: world's largest cocktail party (u.g.a. vs. u.f.) jacksonville, fla.
    * nov 5-7: dome cabin with jean & jim (circa de asheville, nc)
    * nov 26: thanksgiving in r.i., gift exchange with family; walks & talks & such with clare, donna, roberta
    * dec 17-24ish: backpacking/international travel (t.b.a)
    * dec 25th: Christmas in tampa with willy n' judy and the gals, jean, jim, and pete?
    * dec 26-?: florida keys, with a motley crew of crazies???
    * dec 31: new year's eve (at "hidden treasures" in tampa?)
    * jan 1: new year's bowl game w/jim (need dates :)
    * jan 29-31: gasparilla in tampa w/family-friends-family
    * feb 28-mar 5: aruba with donna & tom
    * march 15: where are we spending st. paddy's day??? ...and why haven't we figured this out yet?
    * may: potential workshop in costa rica, and another one on a cruise to alaska (more to follow)

    ...and on and on...

    let's make a plan,

  2. This may be one of my favorite of your posts so far...I love the idea of putting a plan out into the universe and therefore setting into motion a postive feeling and idea that creates momentum and stimulates thought and anticipation that builds upon itself.
    What fun!
    Especially fot those such as myself who are a bit...hmmm, lets just say OCD!
    Can't wait for our Reiki tomorrow! I have a nice surprise for you.

  3. hey, jules!

    one positive thought, creating multiple ripples, into Infinity!