Wednesday, October 28, 2009


in the final analysis, the final analysis would be akin to the final judgment.

Nonjudgment Day would be at hand, and there would be no reason to analyse, conceptualize, compart-mental-ize, or Essence, it would be a re-Lease from ties.

although this seems like a phenomenon or experience that might occur after the "death" of the physical body, wIe get small glimpses of No-nalysis during our earth-bound journey.  ..sometimes it's a sunset, sometimes it's the smile of a child, sometimes it's Love -- in the making.

the experience of Bliss cannot be accurately described (when we come back out of it, back here into our relative world).  ..when time stands still, when our breath is taken away, when an experience is out of this world, we InJoy a tiny glimpse of Bliss.

a(No)nalysis then, is a journey In-side, and it just might be the most Bliss-Full trip of All.


"Nonjudgment day is at hand!" -swami beyondananda

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