Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i... just... kept... running!

-forrest gump a world of sevens and elevens...

yes, ladies and germs...

today your uncle lenny received a fantastical reiki/cranio-sacral treatment from the tamster, and, after that...

it was 73 degrees, with clear, blue daylight... "so i decided to go for a little run..."

...and i jogged on down to the greenway, but that wasn't far enough, the path took me on to mile marker "zero," but the sun was high-in-the-sky, on i went -- 4 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles, 1 mile -- to the beginning of the greenway (which, of course, was the end), it made sense just to jog on back, and, in the final nonalysis... it was at least 11 good miles.

conclusion: you (yes, you) can get into the best physical, mental and Spiritual shape of your life (during your 8th life, at age 50). mission is to help you to get tHere (if you desire), and there are a variety of paths to choose from.

while "life is but a dream," you can determine how y/our lucid dream unfolds... Be(Cause) YOU are at the controls.

* is "running away" really an approach pattern?

* is "re-Turn-ing" (in Reality) just One, Whole ride of the boomerang?

* is 50 the new 30?

* is "aging" an illusion, propigated by the collective unconscious?

note: a "lifetime" is defined as "seven earth years." intention is to experience eleven good sevens.



  1. I really like your concept of running away being an "approach pattern"...never thought of it like that, and probably needed to hear that at precisely that moment.
    Thank you my dear!

  2. why thanks, jules!

    traffic patterns are sooooooo interesting.

    in aviation, a final approach takes one to the terminal, while round-trip flights can also take one Home.

    there's even a thing called a back-course, which helps one make a quick turn-around when there are problems upon take-off.

    the run-way is designed for arrivals & departures, passengers check-in with baggage, and things can get kinda bumpy when we get into the clouds.

    pilots have been known to say:

    "i'd rather be down here wishing i was up there -- than up there wishing i was down here."

  3. sidenote:

    on the greenway, i passed by woman (mid-30s?) who was running in the other direction. she had two large dogs attached to her waist by some kind of belt/leash apparatus. about an hour later, we passed again, going in opposite directions.

    i said "it's good to see that someone else is running as far as i am, today!"

    ...and she floored me by looking over her shoulder, smiling, and saying: "i'm doing 16 miles today."