Tuesday, October 20, 2009

humans make mis-takes

humans make mis-takes

by bein g. human

we crash it when we fly it
we burn it when we bake
we love (and then we sigh, oh my), yes, humans make mistakes

* one of the most beautiful things about humanity is that we aren't "Perfect."

* Perfection and Oneness and Love and God and Spirit are properties of that which is not "relative," meaning that "they" are "Whole," and wIe are a relative experience of that.

* as an "off-springing" of Oneness, we are that which allows Oneness to experience that which it is not: duality.

* wIe, the nutty you-man, be-ing... experience the apparent separation that allows for labeling that allows for perception (e.g. that "left" is different than "right").

* wIe (literally) allow the Is to Play/play in the sandbox of relativity. ..wIe (literally) allow Oneness to particularize, to diversify, to varietize, and to experience the breadth and depth of ItSelf.

* wIe (literally) are the dancers at the Dance, and wIe (of Course) are the Dance, and wIe (of Course) are Dance-Sing It-Self (in action).

* only by stepping on each others' toes can we experience the Ecstasy that is the Tango! ..only by being cut-off (on the highway), can we understand the Joy of being given a break (on main street).

* only by pain, can we ever experience the Euphoria of Infantasmic Pleasure.

* yes, my fellow human Be-ings, we are the very apple of the branch of the Tree, springing forth the seed of future apples.

* embrace y/our mis-takes. ..some say we learn from them, and we cannot not. ..some say that they allow others to For-Give us. ..some say that mistakes allow us to For-Give ourselves, which just may be the most challenging dance of All.

* when we can see ourselves in others; when we can Be One with the other; when we Dance as One -- we can see "mistakes" as "takes" in an In-finite-ly dynamic Play of plays...

...and that, my friends, is what trans-forms the illusion of "mistake" into Perfection, in act-I-on.

are wIe i'm.perfect?

is the apple not the seed, the root, the branch, the tree, the blossom, the fruit?

is the Is I'm-Perfect?
* after All, It never Really wasn't.

-the beginning.

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