Tuesday, October 6, 2009

expression counter-acts depression

in a society with a medical system where "depression" is addressed by masking it with pharmaceutical interventions...

...maybe we just need to express.

de-pression -------------- ex-pression

isn't life (every breathing, replicating, survival-oriented thing on this planet) expressing it-self?  can an apple seed express anything other than the apple tree that produces the apple that produces more apple seeds

dogs don't give birth to oranges, and sunflowers don't produce dolphin seeds.  every thing "creates" in its own image.
Everything expresses

interestingly enough, while "express" connotes "fast," some of the most expressive practices (massage, art, meditation, love-making, nurturing, etc.) involve slowing down.

in a world of backwards-reflection and holographic illusion, mabe we experience faster vibrations by slowing-down the amount of sensory input data available to our limited, physical senses.

does this mean that, in order to avert a depression, a society could resort to expression?

does life imitate art, or does art imitate Life?

is God an artist?  a comedian?

maybe the Uni-Verse is a OneSong of Symphonic Expression, in Act-i-on, and we are the expressed:

the actors in the Play,
  the children in the sandbox,
    the dreamers in the Dream,
      the dancers at the Dance,
        the material of I'mmaterial,
          the "i" in i'mpossible,
            the Trinity of ice/water/gas in the Stream,
              the individuals in Team...

* my apologies, as lenny should not drink coffee...

(or was that "expresso"?)



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* the graphic (top of page) is a copy of a watercolor, entitled "charlie brown tree" by clare dunn
* this just in, and added on wednesday, oct. 7 at 9:05 a.m.: an italian great-grandma expresses a daughter, who expresses a grandson, who expresses a great-grand daughter who...

above: maddie (the italian chef)
she's like a little Goddess, in the image of her Creator


  1. crazy as it may seem, this silly post might make it into one of the top 10 lists.

    it was especially fun, doing the research for the links, and "pause" made me smile.


  2. Good Morning, Bro!

    Love this post...yes, it's a top-tenner!

    Thank you for showcasing my artwork...it is exciting to see one's creations on the www!

    ...a little history about the "Charlie Brown Tree"...

    I was 'downsized' from a good-paying job just a week or so before it was painted, and feeling very blue, and somewhat worthless. "Charlie Brown Tree" just appeared on the paper that day...you know how it is...the unseen hand that writes your blogs moved my brush.

    When it was finished, I felt better, but when I looked at it a few days later, it depressed me no end. I seriously considered trashing it. But Jerry liked it, and persuaded me not to.

    That Christmas, I framed it, wrapped it and put it under OUR Christmas Tree as a gift for him.

    That was in 1993. These days, "Charlie Brown Tree" can be found in our 'Winter Room'. And now I am happy when I look at it, because it is loved by it's owner.

    Crazy as it may seem...

    xoxoxo, me

  3. hey clare!

    i LOVE the background stories about artwork, poetry, songs, etc., and this story is a GREAT one!

    your story of the Charlie Brown Tree is THE story of the Charlie Brown Tree!

    i, like jerry, am glad that you didn't trash this little slice of Heaven. the CBT is akin to a little breath of Life, amid the cold & barren.

    maybe life doesn't imitate art insomuch that life IS art, in act-i-on.

    the "Unseen Inner-Artist" Is Good!

    the last sentence of your comment (below) says It All:

    "...and now i'm happy when i look at it, because it is Loved by its owner."


  4. It is amazing that you chose this particular painting for this particular post...more 'unseen' forces at work.


    xoxoxo, me

  5. yes, Yes, YES!

    equally uncanny is the spelling difference between "depressed" and "expressed."

    "de" (in spanish) means "of," which means that depression is embraced by the All, as a-part OF the All (e.g. not separate).

    "ex" hints at release. we move in a more Spiritual direction when we re-Lease our attachments to the illusion of materialism.

    if "ex" also signifies an "ending," then "ex-press" could be thought of as:

    * stop pressing
    * stop trying (so hard)
    * stop stressing
    * Soften...
    * All-ow...

    Love, len

  6. p.s. i just Now noticed something in your Charlie Brown Tree pic.

    the "red" bulb (the material used to make the Perfect Tree "look" better), actually weighs the Tree down.

    do our own efforts to "beautify" our natural selves (make-up, high heels, tight clothing, etc.) actually accentuate our True Beauty, or do they re-mind us that society says we shouldn't be happy with how we are, naturally?

    note the "blue" in your picture. the water and the air and the ice (sooooo nice).

    in many languages, air (prana, chi, ki, inSpiration, etc.) is considered to bridge the apparent gap between the material (man) and his Source.

    the water just flows, and the wind just blows...naturally. in harmony. as waves. without trying.

    ice hardens, and then it melts into that which comprises 80% of the human, Be-ing, who then exhales that which is inSpired by plants, which (in turn) exhale that which is inSpired by animal life.

    and Now, we've come full-circle (so to speak).

    the CBT gets more and more beautiful, every time that i look at it with a softer eye.