Monday, October 19, 2009

expect the unexpected

“expect the unexpected... sounds like good advice.
of course, if you expect the unexpected, then it’s not really unexpected anymore, is it?
...and that leaves you vulnerable... to the truly unexpected,
because you weren't expecting it.”

- joe blake, played by bruce willis in the movie “bandits

expect the unexpected

by e. x. pecting

expect the unexpected
like sunshine in the night
like water in the dessert
like darkness in the light

expect the unexpected
like video, projected
expect another ending, now,
expect the unexpected

* in a world of projection, virtual reality and 100+ channel tell-a-vision, it is easy to for-get that:
1. the remote is closer than we could ever imagine
2. we can change the channel
3. we can pre-view the experience
4. we (literally) prepave and select our own endings/beginnings
5. we can turn off the projections
...we can modify the lucid Dream (in fact, we do so with every, single thought).

* more on the movie "bandits":

1. the bad guys are good guys
2. "kate" falls in love with both joe and terry
3. "dead" can be very alive
4. it ends with a wedding

click here for widepedia's review of "bandits"

click here for the internet movie database's review of "bandits"

"bandits" is fun, has no vulgarity, has a cameo skit with bruce willis' daughters, and offers a fantastic supporting role by joe garity as (the hero/stuntman) harvey "dog" pollard.

"bandits" also makes use of three great songs:

1. beautiful day by u2
2. the superman song (it's not easy) by five for fighting (click here)
3. crazy 'lil mouse by in bloom


  1. Guess we'll be renting "Bandits" this evening...

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    xoxoxo, me

  2. clare!

    you will be sooooooooo glad that you rented it!

    it's the Ultimate in "jib-jab" argument movies, right up there with "my cousin vinny."

    p.s. it is best watched with subtitles, to catch the many, many, many one-liners.

    you'll LOVE it!

  3. Movie rented, watched and enjoyed.

    I didn't watch the "alternate ending" because I liked the original -- why spoil it?

    Good stuff!

    xoxoxo, me

  4. concur, completely.

    i'll take harvey's role, any day.

    ahhhhhhhhhhh... marital bliss, in a far-away, tropical beachfront setting.