Friday, October 2, 2009

Ease vs. dis-ease

simple spelling shows us that disease is the "dis" of Ease.

try this yourself: look at a waterfall, hummingbird, tree, flower...

(any object will do)
...and analyse it.

when we anal-eyes, our eyes tend to squint, our brow tends to scrunch, and our neck tends to tense. ..if, on the other hand, we Easy-eyes it, here's what happens:

* softening of the eyes,
* relaxation of the brow,
* the breath becomes slower, deeper, quieter, more regular,
* the sharp lines of separation become blurred, or more Unified,
* our body re-Leases it-self into more of a state of curiousity, rather than analysis

interestingly enough, we are learning just as much about the object (heck, maybe more) when we Easy-eyes it. ..we avail many, many new perspectives when we choose to see an object in a Whole, different Light.

...and that's All-right.

...and that just might be the difference between Ease, and disease.

try it.
for just a moment, kick back...
focus on an object, but let go...
tap into your curious side of yourself...

did you see it differently?


  1. I really like this idea of "softening" of the visual aspect of analysis. I find that is almost an exact explanation of how I relax my vision when I am doing Reiki on a I "look" at their body, I find that I am not really "looking" at the physical body, but looking beyond that into the energetic realm and this "softening" of the vision that you speak of is how I get there. It brings me to a place where I no longer see with my eyes, but with my heart, soul and spirit. Very well spoken, thank you for sharing, as always!

  2. thanks, julie!

    soooooo true. this "softening" stuff seems other-worldly (out-of-this-world) and Ease-y.

    it's nice, the way that you describe "Seeing with heart, soul and Spirit."

    recently, i've been trading thai massage for cranio-sacral & reiki, and the gentleness of it is unmatched.