Sunday, October 18, 2009

days of future (past)

days of future (past)

by Bein G. Present

days of future (past)
days of present (tense)
days of quantum particles both tiny and immense

how can time rewind the mind (by slowing down the fast)?
days of future (filled with presence)
days of future (past)

* in the article (below), quantum physicists mull over the possibility that those from our future have already used time-travel to come back -- in order to stop us from dabbling in things like time-travel.

click here to reflect on "doomsday in reverse"

* it's good to know that our future selves have the presence to use the past as a means to save us from the human lunacy virus (hlv), here in the Now.

(or something like that :)
* picture ("city lights at night") of san jose, cr (march, 2009) -- or -- a picture from the bridge of the starship lenterprise, as she approaches an uncharted galaxy (11.11.2046).
* "the days of future passed" is an album title from "the moody blues," who sang my favorite childhood song, "knights in white satin," which ended with my favorite line: ''just what you want to be, you will be in the end."

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