Saturday, October 10, 2009

the co-inci-dance


by stroke o. f. luck

it's a stroke of luck
it's a twist of fate
it's a chance (coincidance), it's never early/late

it's a clue (for me, for you), a date with space and time
it's a chance (coincidance), a Gift withIn a rhyme



* some say that there are no co-incidences, no choice, no matter... just destiny.

* some say that "life is a box of chocolates," and that "we make our own destiny" out of things like "free will."

* some say "maybe it's both."

click here for more on "maybe it's both"

below: it's no coincidence that massage therapy providers
love to dance!


  1. Synchronicity somehow captures the concept well, but is harder to subject to the fragmentation wordplay that you excel at.

  2. Synchronotic, ping-o-pong-ic, Harmonotic Dance
    Omnipresent, semi-pleasant, incandescent chance
    fragmentated (somewhat jaded), unrelated day
    Sing-chronistic, cataclysmic, One (Wholistic) Way

    * uhhhh, on(c)e again, coffee 1, martineau 0

    * it's a Good thing that 1 + Nothing = One, and that all of this is just for Fun.

  3. OF COURSE you can do something with "synchronicity". Silly me! My podcast is up on the Urban Guru Cafe if you're curious as to just how bastardised my accent has become!

  4. hey, no one!

    Loved your podcast!

    Loved the accent (vintage indiana).