Friday, October 16, 2009

boy in the balloon

boy in the balloon

by boy o. boy

boy in the balloon
drama in the night
we are all buffoons (by tuning-in to watch the flight)

media in frenzy (it will all be over soon)
see a jump in ratings, when there’s

boy in the balloon

a low-water mark for humanity was when the news reporter (and the father) continued the interview while the boy was getting ill -- all for the watchful eyes of the viewing audience.

• once again, it becomes apparent that human beings will watch anything sense-ational, and that the media has trained humans to think that the sludge, interviews, slime and gossip are all part of “what the public wants.”

was it not a hoax?

• a better question might be: who cares, and why do we care?

• for a species that appears to have lost touch with that which is important…

• for a species that helplessly tunes-in to other people’s drama and pain,

…maybe global warming, thermonuclear war and apocalyptic doom represent more of a remedy than a problem (as far as Mother Earth is concerned).

…maybe She’ll be better off without us.

honestly, think about what's been in the news, this past week (or any other week, for that matter). ..what have we been tu(r)ning-in to?

when the balloon really goes up, maybe we'll really realize that all (of this) is a hoax.



  1. why don't 'we' as a society pay as much attention to what we put in our minds as we do to what we put in our bodies ... or maybe we do, and we are unfit in every way.

  2. that's a very good question.

    it has been said that "you are what you eat," but maybe "we manifest that which we think"?