Friday, October 16, 2009

blowout on 485

disclaimer: this is one of those "diary posts" that are just for me
(to read when i'm seventy-seven years old),
so don't expect anything exciting...

you're going 70 mph, on the way to work, and you momentarilly go into denial when you hear that sound ("ptssssssssssssshhhh!") ...just before you come out of denial and pull into the breakdown lane.

ooops... left rear tire (flat)
ooops... cell phone (battery low)

while calling AAA,
ooops... AAA membership expired in january.

of course, the first thing you do is begin to get irritated, but then your wellness conscience kicks in:

below are the notes, written down on the back of piece of paper entitled
"fall facutly/staff meeting"

reasons to be grateful for flat tires:

* life is Good!
* picked up 104 pieces of trash along highway
* it was a smooth blowout, as highway blowouts go...
* easy (coasting to a stop), insignificant traffic
* large breakdown lane
* good weather
* cell phone available
* AAA was expired, but they let me renew
* called monica, who wrote the "lenny has a flat" note, and posted it at my classroom
* i have a job, and
-food (oranges, apples)
-life experiences

* i have tissue (made earplugs b/c of hwy traffic noise)
* picked up trash, and renewed energy for "save the beaches"
* the sun is out
* discovered where my "donut" is located (in the hidden trunk of the prius)
* the flat tire forced me to slooooooooooow down
* gratitude check
* learned:
-about charlotte
-about AAA
-about myself
-about gaston college (excellent support)

* saw a tandem flight of army helicopters (cobra/huey)!
* thoughts:
-how far tires have taken me, in my life...
-all of the places that cars have taken me...

* i've actually piloted helicopters! ..amazing!
* i'm charging my phone, using this car's (hybrid) battery, while the car is "on" but not "running"
* the prius has been getting 51-53 mpg
* there are a lot of people with a lot bigger problems than this, right now
* thousands of cars have passed by, and (so far) no one has done anything stupid, like hitting their brakes or driving dangerously
* my car is green
* the sky is blue
* i should make it to my 6 p.m. class
* these cars and trucks are screaming by me, pretty close!
* there's a ditch right next to me, so if someone were to do something stupid (like crash into my car), i could always (quickly) jump in the ditch
* although nobody has stopped to help, nobody has stopped to rob me, either :)
* maybe my future wife will see me out here, stranded
* no damage to vehicle
* here comes the AAA dude...
* life is Good!

anyway, the blowout experience ended without incident, and i rode the donut to the toyota dealer, where they proceeded to replace the flat.

although i never even considered changing the tire myself, i'm certain that i could have, in a pinch.

experience rating: (8-)
-fun? ........................... 1
-thoughts? .................. 9
-gratitude check......... 9+
-support/resources.... 9+
-lemon-to-lemonade.. 8+
-"yug" practice........... 9+
-learning...................... 9

learning point: keep camera in car, in order to document unexpected experiences.


  1. yes, yes, yes...

    i've already been counseled (by jean), who said that if she were there, SHE would have changed the tire for me, and i wouldn't have had to call triple-A.


  2. it has also been suggested that:

    1. i learn how to read, especially when it comes to a book called the "owner's manual," located in a thing called a "glove compartment." the manual, it gives things called "directions" on how to change a tire.

    2. learn how to recharge a cellular phone, prior to the battery getting low.

    3. learn how to keep triple-A up-to-date, using a system called "making a phone call."

    4. have tires checked, regularly.

    i am presently considering all these options (of course, then i won't have a story to read when i'm 77).