Thursday, October 15, 2009

"aye, Be, See" is an Alpha bet

A B C's (defined)

"aye!" is the gentle re-Mind-er (or the smack over the head) that begins to wake us up...

"Be" is just YOU, Be-ing. cannot not but Be.

"See" (with a Capital "S") is to See Beyond the physical. is the re-Cognition that Life is more than that which we sense with our very, very limited senses. ..Seeing is Be-Living!

"Alpha" is the One, the All, the "Alpha and the omega," the Is.

a "bet" is a gamble, a chance, a wager, a "win or lose proposition." ..a "bet" is a bit of a manifestation of Spirit in action -- as in a drama-tized action move-ie (a man-at-feast-i-on, if you will). ..a "bet" is like the proigal sun, taking his chances, following his labyrinth path back to Center (which is Everywhere -- if No-thing at All).

an "Alpha-bet" is simply the A-B-C's of the Is, Is-ing, which It cannot not.

sooooooo... when we practice "aye- Be-See" it's a safe Alpha bet that we'll re-Cognize:

-the beginning and the end,
-the Creation and the apocolypse,
-the InSpiration and the expiration,
-the Sunrise and the sunset,
-the Be-fore and the after...

Is One, All-Ways, Now.

-the end

or, to sum up this post in another way...


-the Beginning
no. (i don't get it, either :)
...but it feels like a closed loop; feels like a safe bet; feels like "you may have All-ready One."

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