Monday, September 21, 2009

zen thai at pura vida (video, sept 09)


the (above) 13-minute video is a compilation of pictures taken during zen thai training at the pura vida spa in costa rica from 12-19 september, 2009. ..the workshop was sponsored by the l.m.t. success group, and consisted of 30 hours of thai massage training.

thai 101/102 participants included tiffany, monty, arian, gary, jeannie, janice, jamie, selena, sarah, carolyn, mercedes, ana, and christy.

we infused a good amount of thai-yoga into the program, and we practiced several meditations, including:
  • dr. andrew weil's healing breath technique
  • a mindful walking meditation
  • "the joy of slowing down" eating meditation (using raisins)
simultaneously, another group of students participated in a 40-hour medical massage program. ..all of the students had the opportunity to experience several excursions, including:

  • waterfall tour
  • zip line canopy tour
  • volcano tour
  • whitewater rafting excursion
  • day at the beach
the program included a stress-busting pool party, costa rican salsa lessons, a drum circle, and much, much more. ..individual activities included tours of san jose and alejuela, hiking in the coffee fields, and lounging by the pool.

the pura vida staff provided three excellent meals per day, numerous massage & bodywork treatments, and excellent classroom support.

the hot tub seemed to be the place to gather, after hours.

my assistant instructor (eduardo) helped to create an environment where our students felt accepted and cared for, and the students themselves acted as student-teachers during several phases of the process.
(yes, jean, he's your future husband...)
the name of our spa is the welcoming phase for this beautiful country. ..costa rica's meek yet strong people welcome you at every turn, with the simple phrase...

"pura vida!"
(enjoy life!)

recommended song purchases include the background music for the video:

* i have the touch by peter gabriel (from the movie "phenomenon")
* i remember by george skaroulis (
* through your hands by don henley (from the movie "michael")

note: for more pictures, please click on the other posts for september, 2009. you'll be able to download the pictures by right-clicking, then saving to your "pictures" file.


  1. Len,

    What a great many smiling faces...looks like you had a GREAT time!

  2. beanerbaby!!!!

    you've GOT to come to one of these... plus, how are you ever to marry eduardo if you've never met him???

    of course, you might have a little bit of competition, since every single female that i know wants to meet the one and only eduardo.

    you've got the inside track :)

    pura vida, baby!

    Love, len

  3. Len,

    Eduardo looks like my kind of man...I could use a good massage...among other things :). He could multi-task on me.


  4. since he is kind-of like an adopted younger brother to me, i'll just tell him to "hop a flight to tampa (becasue jean's birthday is approaching), and she needs a cabana-boy/escort/thai massage/yogi/chef -- who's a former zip-line tour guide."

    he'll understand.

    he speaks great english, but i recommend that you practice up on your spanish.

    i'd (reluctantly) approve of your rainforest wedding, but only if willy & judy promise to sponsor the olympic events -- with a guest chef appearance by kayak bob.

    3-5 massages a week, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, baby!

  5. Now that would be some birthday present....he must be a great guy, you've never approved me marrying anyone.

  6. so true, so true.

    when it comes to the biggest descision of a person's entire life, wIe set the bar very, very high.

    as wIe've always said, however, it's not a process of "finding someone," it's a process of setting up a scenario that they will find us.

    the process of experiencing Higher-Level Wellness is one in which we set ourselves up to attract like-minded souls -- while enjoying the process, which often resembles a roller-coaster ride.

    whoa. sorry for the deeeeeeep response.
    love, len

  7. ...I love stumbling upon interesting old posts of yours my dear!!!

    Love to both you and Jean!


  8. :)

    hey, julesbaby!

    now you know that i've been crazy for a long, long time!