Sunday, September 6, 2009



make a vow (together)
make a vow as One
make a vow to Unify, as sunrise/sunset (Son)

* on saturday, september 6th, 2008, peter and sarah publicly expressed their Love for each other in a wedding ceremony conducted at beavertail (jamestown, rhode island).

* the ceremony was followed by a reception at the u.s. navy officer's club at quonsett point.

* the rain from oncoming tropical storm hanna stopped -- miraculously, just long enough for the ceremony.

* brian (the best man) articulated a toast that can only be described as "best, ever."

sarah & pete, we pledge our best wishes and unyielding support to you, as you embark on this Unified journey into your future.

your foundation (Spirit-family-Love-friends) is more solid than cliff-rocks of jamestown.

thank you for allowing us to be part of your experience.


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