Monday, September 21, 2009


"watsu" (or water-shiatsu) is a form of massage therapy that is administered in a specifically designed watsu pool where the water is heated to 35 degrees (c) -- which is about 95 degrees (f) or higher.

although it appears to be quite intimate, you won't even know that your watsu practitioner exists -- if you can simply let go and relax.

during the session, your legs are suspended by floatation devices. ..other floats can be placed under your neck, etc.

my therapist was a costa rican Pura Vida Yoga teacher named nati, whose calming presence will take you to new levels of inner peace before the session even begins. ..during the treatment, she sings to you (both above ground and underwater) -- and the combination of touch, floatation, sound and movement create an experience that is out of this world.

you tap into connection with your own heartbeat, and you release, release, release (i must have had 10-15 spinal adjustments, but didn't bother to count). treatment was scheduled for after sunset, and was accentuated by occasional, distant thunder & lightning.

this practice is sooooooooooooo sensational that i'd like to learn how to administer it (if only i had access to a watsu pool).

more to follow...


* the first picture is of lalah, a pura vida yogi & massage therapist, demonstrating watsu.

* the second picture is the watsu pool, as seen from the tower.

* the third picture is the watsu pool, at night, overlooking san jose.



  1. Yes, this place is very especial and lala is a god waters, because your teacher is god to.

  2. aquabrasil,

    muy, muy especial. agua caliente por watsu -- perfectamente.