Tuesday, September 15, 2009

thai-yoga massage

zen thai 101
pura vida spa

meet the student/teachers: monty, janice, jamie, gary & jeannie, carolyn, arian, tiffany, anna, mercedes, sarah, selena, christy, and my humble assistant... eduardo (from costa rica).

below: sarah andministers ankle rotations to anna.

below: tiffany works on carolyn
below: jeannie & gary
below: mercedes administers the "sole to floor press" to janice.

eduardo & monty

left: arina & jamie

below: tiffany, carolyn, sarah, anna

left: jeannie demonstrates "foot walking on thigh" to gary

below: janice applies "helicopter hip rotations" to mercedes
above: tiffany & carolyn

below: selena

below: monty & eduardo - "knee to shoulder stretch"
below: anna & sarah

below: selena & christy

left, and below: arian & jamie
below: selena practices on christyBold

below: carolyn

below: janice

below: sarah

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