Sunday, September 27, 2009

(prodigal) Sun

(prodigal) Sun sonny light

......light becomes the darkness melds into night
............every thing is separate, yet Everything: Unite

.........come then go then come (you know that Father/Mother: Sun)
............every thing is separate, yet Everything Is One


* imagine... if you were the prodigal son.

* let's pretend (for a moment) that we are Spiritual Beings, living a physical experience. ..let's label "Spirit" (the All, the Is, the One, the Good, Love, etc.) with a term like "Father," or "Mother," or "Source.", the idea is that our True Essence is Spirit.

* let's pretend that our Spirit Self "goes away" (e.g. It "incarnates," or "part-i-cularizes," or "indiv-i-dual-izes," or mater-i-all-izes," -- which allows It to experience a time of the pleasures and dramas of the flesh). ..let's pretend that, during this lifetime, we make mistakes. ..a "mistake" can be defined as a thought, word, or deed that is out of alignment with our True Nature.

(sidenote: Spirit's "son" would, of course, be a prodigy.)
* let's pretend that our mistakes wake us up to the idea that "separation is the opposite of Unified." ..another way to word this would be that "material is the opposite of Spirit." ..another way to word this is that "fear is the opposite Love."
(sidenote: "the opposite of" doesn't mean "apart from," but rather a part of.)
* let's pretend that, after our lifetime of squandering, indulging, mistaking, etc., we re-Turn Home. ..imagine our "Source" welcoming us back, with open arms, to a Love-ing feast of Metaphysical proportions.

* imagine if the Whole thing was by de-sIgn, and that the "re-Turn" was just part of a re-Cycling of that which All-ready Is.

* in this scenario, material would be an aspect of Spirit. ..ego-ic fear would be a component of Love. ..apparent separation would be Oneness, One-ing. .."dreaming" would be an experience of the Dreamer. ..the "created" would be an extension of Source.

*imagine if Love-ing Spirit "incarnates" into drama-filled relativity, only to re-Turn to that which It never (Really) wasn't.

......................................................................(or whatever)

* imagine...

* inspired by:

1. a talk by rev. julie on 9-27-09, and other jewels,

2. one of jean's favorite songs, entitled "imagine" (click here to get to it),

3. my sister (donna) who recently invited me to share a time-share experience (the palm-tree pictures were taken during time-share 2008, u.s. virgin islands). 2010, it's aruba.

4. an earlier post, entitled: "prodigal father" (click here to get to it)

below: prodigal, dual, Whole, Sun (uh, mooning)


  1. Love it Lenny. Greetings from South Bend! I'll be here all week.

  2. too bad you aren't closer to charlotte. it would be fun to meet no one (someday).
    your u.s.a. brothahhhh,

  3. What a gift to be a part of your inspiration my dear Lenny. I too enjoyed and was inspired by our conversations...can't wait for more!
    Lots of Love and Light to you...

  4. ahhhhhh, yes, jules...

    our chat about Everything, and No-thing, and Light, and Oneness, and Allness, etc.

    are we not ALL the prodigal Son/Daughter/Sun?