Thursday, September 24, 2009

live and let Live

the term "live and let live," defined:

live (pronounced "liv"): to experience. play in the Play, to dance at the Dance, to dream in the Dream, and to love (in this Ocean of Love). unwrap the Present.

"live" (pronounced "lie-v"): to do it Now. Be, in the Now. give and receive Presence. For-Give, when ever ego has gotten too wrapped-up in for-get-full-ness.

and: in addition...

Let: to Allow, to re-Lease, to re-Member, to re-Collect, to Surrender, to Be. Let It Be (click here).

Live: (see above) -- but capitalize the "L" (giving the word more of a Higher-Level resonance).

to "live and Let Live" to See Above, and Beyond...
(while living here, in the mellow-drama)

* pictures by l. martineau:
(1) pura vida fountain (circa de alejuela, costa rica)
(2) picture of sun/moon painting as seen in an art shack/store enroute to cataratas de la fortuna (arenal, costa rica)


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