Saturday, September 12, 2009

"God is in every one of us"

the title of this post, "God is in every one of us," is a quote that my buddy, george, just left on voicemail., as you might remember, was the life of the massage party during my last visit to pura vida, costa rica.

he's had a tough six months, but he recently went on some kind of Spiritual-massage-yoga-energy retreat out in sedona, and it made another huge impression on a man who is not afraid to express himself.

in a world of global economic uncertainty, flu (of both bird and swine), global warming, and several ongoing wars, it's eye-opening when a brother can party like a wildman or go Spiritual -- in the drop of a hat.

while the women of yoga/massage/Spirit/wellness are fantastical (beyond belief), so are my brothers out there.

how lucky can a person be, to have met such excellent human beings?

assuming that george is right (and there's no reason to assume that he's not), maybe we are all children of Love. ..maybe the hippie movement of the 60's had some insights.

maybe this world is one of Goodness and Oneness, even as the "news" seems to focus on separation, differences, mistakes and negativity.

maybe it's all in our head.

maybe we've got a say in how we view what george calls "this popsicle stand," and maybe we can breathe it in... before we let it go.

maybe so.

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