Saturday, September 5, 2009

i live in an art gallery

i live in an art gallery [1]

by cantbel i. eveitstrue

i live in an art gallery.

amazing, but it’s true. the walls are filled with pencil drawings made by me and you.

and sometimes it’s a symphony, and other times, jazz fest.

and sometimes it's a rock concert that won’t put me to rest.

and sometimes it’s a movie, theater, complete with projection…

and sometimes it’s a lover’s lane, with touch and then, rejection.

and sometimes it’s a sunny sunrise, welcome to my day!

and sometimes, it’s a rainy shower, cold and lonely stay…

and then, just when i took for granted, comfort in the night…

and then, again, it radiates (the dark becomes the light).

and i’m not sure why i am writing all of this, for you…

i live in an art gallery:

(amazing, but it’s true)


  • sometimes, it’s overwhelming to discover how lucky we are, right here, in the middle of our own existence.

left: pointing out my sister donna's butterfly, in downtown providence, r.i.

life... is an art gallery.


[1] martineau, l. (9-1.1-2007). book 53: do You Deliver? (copyright 2009 by

* artwork by john, lenny, kristin, clare, donna, steve, larry, jerry, melanie marquis, mel, nick, abby, etc.

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