Monday, September 28, 2009

favorite knife

favorite knife [1]

most American households have a variety of knives in the kitchen, including “knife sets” that are designed to cut different foods in different ways.

that being said, my guess is that most people have a “favorite” knife. know, the one knife that you tend to choose, above all others. ..let’s explore several reasons why we tend toward our “favorite knife.”

* it works for us

* we know where to locate it, at any given time

* when we need it, it's usually within an arm's reach

* we’re familiar with it

* we know how to utilize it, safely

* it feels comfortable, and we like the way it feels

* although it might not be the best for every situation, it's the best in a variety of situations

* it is dependable, reliable, consistent

in a data-filled, smoke & mirrors world of incomprehensible information, there are times when we simply need to cut through the red tape.

..........there are many, many situations in life, when we tend to favor the favorite knife.

[1] martineau, l. (9-29.1-2009). book 67: melt. © 2009 picture from microsoft clipart.

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