Wednesday, September 2, 2009

do NOT try this at home...

even if this video is "enhanced" (which it certainly must be...), it embodies the unabashed tendency for the human male to try that which has never been tried before.

watch for:

* the casual preparation of the water slide by a couple of dudes, each with a small plastic bucket of water,
* the casual composure of the "slider," as he adjusts his crash helmet,
* the way that a sliding body can sound very, very, much like a jet engine,
* the flying cannon-ball position, just prior to entry, and
* the "stunned & amazed" reaction of our heroic daredevil.

37 seconds; ends with a splash:

at the end, listen for the sounds of the human male brother-hood, yahooo-bonding over another successful expedition into the unthinkable.

* thanks, donna, for forwarding this video link. ..tooooooo funny!


  1. agreed.

    they did a great job with the video, and it (for a second) almost looks plausible.

    another example of the grande illusion of life, imitating art, imitating life...

    ...and on, and on, and on...