Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a couple

for most of my young life, for whatever reason, i've observed couples. ..out of my hundreds of married-couple observations, a small percentage have shown through as examples of that which i'd LOVE to experience/emulate.

one such couple is "jeannie & gary."

from the moment that gary & jeannie said "hello" (outside of the san jose airport's baggage claim), it was obvious that they were special. ..jeannie brought gary (a man who had never, ever been to a massage class in his life) to a place of peace, and gary responded by being the type of learner who focused totally on how he could support and care for the woman who he LOVES.

without going into detail, imagine:

* a man, who smiles constantly, a man who wants nothing more than to please his wife, a man who is grateful to be alive...

* a woman who smiles constantly, a woman who LOVES to be next to her husband, and who wants to experience life -- to its fullest...

* a couple who dedicate time to each other...

* a couple who strive to nurture each others' dreams...

* a couple who enjoy the challenges, as well as the successes...

* a couple who share...

* a couple who LOVE...

yes, ladies and germs -- gary & jeannie have made it to the top 10 couples of all time.

thankfully, my "top 10" includes couples from my own, immediate family.

please allow me to express my gratitude for meeting YOU, the couples who pave the way of my own future, with the sweet woman of my dreams, should she ever stumble upon me (and decide to share the roller-coaster ride).

thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

below: jeannie & gary:


  1. We would like to thank Lenny for a wonderful, enriching experience that was not only educational but enjoyable and deeply fulfilling on many different levels.

    Thank you for being such a great teacher, bringing us into a world of experience we could never have imagined, beyond expectations, making it special and memorable, giving us something that we carry with us, life changing and healing.

    Lenny’s warmth and very personable attitude permeated the environment, bringing a glow of trust and love, a catalyst to relationships within our group, bonding with those who shared these moments, and promoting life to be an ever expanding pilgrimage of fulfillment.

    Thank you, Lenny, thank you, thank you.

    Your friends in Charleston,

    Gary and Jeannie

  2. Dear Gary & Jeannie,

    I once knew a great football coach who'd say "It only takes a few GREAT players can make a Championship Team."

    We cannot ever imagine our individual influence (when it comes to group experiences).

    Attitudes like yours can jump-start a positive cycle, and can also counteract potential negative cycles.

    I truly enjoyed learning from each of our classmates, and both of you had a tremendous impact upon those seven days in Paradise.

    We are lucky, and I'm eternally Grateful.