Tuesday, September 22, 2009

artist (defined)

an "artist" (writer, painter, poet, musician, dancer, yogi, massage therapist, healer, lover, videographer, photographer, choreographer, etc.) is one who is in touch with the beauty of this physical world, yet connected with another world of exponential exponentiality.

one who finds him/herself in this predicament is seldom understood, even by him/herself.

call it a "split-mind," a "multiple-personality order," an "attention-deficit order," an "open mind," a "loss of inhibition," a "passion," or whatever you want to call it. ..s/he expresses multiple-meanings, conflicted/unified feelings, separated/together thoughts...

an "artist" is, in a way, lost.

an "artist" is, in a way, Here and Now.

an "artist" is one who cannot not express the Oneness that Is, the Connection, the color, the touch, the Way, the scent, the Tao, the vibration, the whatever...

are you an artistic soul?

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