Sunday, August 16, 2009

what is Really real?

if a move-ie is just a succession of still images, projected onto a screen, and...

if matter is not solid, and...

if time is an illusion, and...

if the many are, in fact, One, and...

if our world is limited to that which can be perceived by our limited senses...

then how do we have any idea of what is Really real?

could all of this simply be projections of Light, onto a mind/screen, in the Image-i-nation?



  1. It's difficult to apprehend reality, but then again, so what?

  2. :) :)
    true... in a Perfect Uni-Verse of Love, Love-ing... no matter.

    of course, in a material world of hurricanes, schizophrenia, and internet dating, it sometimes helps to decipher between illusion and material reality.

    but then again, who (Really) cares?
    :) :)