Tuesday, August 11, 2009



by harv ested

watermelon (seedless)
taste a little (taste)

sweet enough to make you glad that there's no seed or waste

sweet enough to then forget that there's no future (food)

watermelon (seedless), for a good & bad of mood


* with phenomena like seedless watermelons, we've genetically removed the part that's not sweet. ..unfortunately, the part that we've done-away with is the very essence of the next "generation" of watermelon. ..we've kidded ourselves into thinking that short-term gratification is worth more than long-term stability.

* maybe the same goes for relationships.

question: what would this world be, with-out seeds?

* maybe it's time to plant some seeds.

* maybe it's okay to cultivate a root system.

* maybe (in the world of form) there's a need for stability, security and farms.

-inspired by a talk entitled "Leaven" on 8-9-09, by reverend julie.

-graphic by microsoft clipart

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