Saturday, August 1, 2009

romantic "Now" moments

to often, we miss out on a wonder-full Now experience because we are concerned about the future or the past. ..a delicious morsel of food isn't enjoyed fully, maybe because it wasn't paid attention to, maybe because we were paying more attention to a future nibble.

maybe our past experiences left us questioning weather we should risk tasting deliciousness, for fear that it might not last forever.

romantic Now moments offer an incredible opportunity for Bliss. ..imagine what would happen if we momentarily forgot the future/past, and paid full attention to our lover. ..imagine the eye-to-eye en-gazement or the slow kiss, taking in every scent, every bit of skin-to-skin contact, every taste...

imagine slowing down (there's always time for devouring). ..a soft embrace with heart-to-heart Connection allows for the re-cognition of heartbeats. ..the experience of chest-to-chest, abdomen-to-abdomen: simple (but not so simple) human touch. would it feel to be inside of each other... not moving, yet pulsating with an awareness and attention of as many sensory receptors as sensuality will allow.

imagine paying attention to your lover's voice, her breath, her spoken and unspoken desires -- born from a mutually mutual focus. ..what slow, conscious pleasures could be shared in that Now moment?

whether a couple is together for an evening or a lifetime, present-centered Now moments re-present the best of Love-ing, leading to the best of memories, leading to the kind of happiness that makes the future worth the while.

all because of paying passionate, slow unwavering attention to the miracle of Union.

-the beginning

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