Monday, August 17, 2009

paya t. tension

by paya t. tension

my name is paya tension

my way is Be and do

my day is filled with chances to Connect (just me & you)

if i forget to state my name in every inter-vention

if/then the words get louder, 'Cause

my name is pay attention


1. "paying attention" is the essence of meditation, yoga, awakening, etc.

2. by paying attention, we are more likely to be prepared for that which awaits at the end of our selected path.

3. if we (like this thoem's author) fail to pay attention, the signals get louder (kind of like banging one's head against a wall). ..we experience increased pain & tension until, eventually, we pay attention.

4. maybe we can't not pay attention, even as it appears as though some are paying more attention than others.

5. maybe our infinite paths are (Really) One Path, like a re-Cognition back to the State of Unified Awareness that we never (Really) ever left. ..right?

6. maybe we are (simply) extensions Unified Awareness HerSelf, and maybe S/He is (simply) Aware-ing.

7. maybe First Cause is (simply) Cause-ing, and wIe are the process of Aware-ing, and maybe the apparently individual you's & eyes are but "special effects."

8. maybe the Big Play is (simply) a Dance -- ALL to the Harmonic Resonance of do-Be-do.

9. maybe It Is (simply) not that complicated.

10. mayBe...


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