Thursday, August 6, 2009


merry go round [1]

by c. a. rousel

"a merry-go-round is an entertaining ride that takes one around in circles."

we hop onto fake animals, benches, etc., and then we experience apparent movement while (Really) going NowHere. ..we laugh, we cry, and the time (of our life) appears to pass by.

of course, the ride comes complete with ups & downs. ..we go backwards & forwards.

carousels can also carry a lot of baggage. ..some people even experience sickness on the roundabout.

"a merry-go-round is an enterain’ting ride that takes us around in circles."

interestingly enough, the go-round is but one of the infinite, merry diversions to be found (as we carouse here) in this, a particular-ly magical amusement park.


[1] martineau l. (8-6.1-2009). book 67: melt. © 2009 graphics from microsoft clipart. picture of john & steve, at the crescent park merry-go-round, rhode island (1970-something).

* in a material world where everyone talks about the importance of Being pre-sent, maybe we are Spirit's Present.


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