Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"i Love the rain"

hmmmmmm: the very title of this thoem is insane, because, for most of my life, this boy has worshiped the sun.

this morning, however, while sitting on the back porch, sipping coffee, i heard a raindrop… and then another.

i thought: “i wish that it would rain” ...and so it began.

picture yourself, looking out into the trees, with a cup of java made from this coffee combination:

  • ka-pow! (100% fair trade, shade grown) coffee. ..the bag says: “neuron-kicking, palate-pleasing, gavin-road-roasted, fair trade coffee." .. i think that it’s organic, but i didn’t buy the stuff :)
  • folgers cinnamon swirl
  • international delight vanilla nonfat creamer

and then you write…

“i Love the rain”
by s. p. rinkle

dancing on the treetops
cleaning out the air
bringing forth the energy from over there to Here

begging me to write a verse that truly sounds insane
dancing on the trees as Nature Breathes:

“I Love the rain”

[1] martineau, l. (8-12.1-2009). book 67: melt. © 2009 graphic images by microsoft clipart.

* ka-pow!



  1. That international delight vanilla nonfat creamer has got to be one of the most unnatural substances on the planet. Your body is a temple, Lenny!

  2. Hi, No One,

    Welcome back from your camping trip!

    Yeah, you're not the first one who has spanked me over the fact that international delight & coffee comprise a poisonous combination.
    Can you say: "bad choice"? We wellness geeks would be lying if we didn't admit to our own ego-ick challenges.
    In the unfolding wellness mystory, a positive body/temple shift would be to In-Joy nature while sipping a nice homemade ginger tea... (or something like that)
    Thanks for the re-Mind-errr,
    Poised for a growth spurt,
    (the rain was nice, though...)