Monday, August 3, 2009

it's about time

it's about time

by N. O'Place, N. O'Body, N. O. Thing, & N. O'Where

no time like the present
no time (Here) but Now
no time past (the future moment), stop and take a bow

* if time is (in essence) an illusion, then Now is the only moment to pre-pave a pathway toward future, desired experiences.

* in other words, we co-create our tomorrows via thoughts, words and deeds today. ..if we'd like to wallow in the Bliss of future High Level Wellness, the time to act is Now!

* the practical benefits of meditation are twofold:

  1. wIe re-fine a practice that allows for focused attention on our pre-sent desires, and
  2. wIe practice "shifting back to center," away from conflicting thoughts that tend to take us off of the path.

* the time is Now to For-Give ourselves the opportunity to re-lease negative thoughts (shame, blame, regret, criticism, anger, judgment, ect.).

"letting go" allows us to purge negative emotions and associated dis-stress hormones (e.g. epinephrine, norepinephrine). ..this "purge" results in an increased capacity to co-create happy tomorrows, today.

(or something like that)


* of Course, at a Higher Level, All Is Perfectly Well, and this dance of desire amounts to no-thing more than the best enter-ain't-ment on earth!

* physical planes of existence (in space-time) are akin to the I Am, playing a Game called "mini-me."

* after the Play is over, when the curtain calls,
mini-me will appear on stage -- holding hands with the whole cast, for a simultaneous bow (bow-bow).

- the beginning?

* click here for more on the concept of "enter-ain't-ment"


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