Thursday, August 13, 2009

IP-17: you cruise, you (don't) lose

most conventional cruises are laced with sea-mines full of empty-calorie foods, processed meals, parties and excursion meals that create an unhealthy environment where cruisers gain several pounds of fat.

worse yet, the "all you can eat" theme of most cruises will set (most people) up to do just that.

even the best laid plans ("i'll be different; i'll hit the gym; i'll skip dinner; i won't snack") easily fall victim to the cruise mentality, where gaining weight is as easy as taking the elevator.

the same goes for "all inclusive vacations," where "all inclusive" includes 10 pounds of hard-to-lose fat in less than a week.

the alternative: "wellness bootcamp" vacations, centered around activities like yoga, walking, snorkeling, kayaking, strength training, nutritional awareness, distress reduction, etc.

wellness bootcamps might not be for everyone, but they could provide a healthy alternative for those who embrace the mind-body-Spirit perspective.

until then, mindful eating practices can do wonders -- if one decides to travel the globe and soak up the sun.

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