Wednesday, August 12, 2009

IP-16: hunger? strike!

today's tip is (as usual) something we already know:

in a wellness world, everything is about consistency. ..every little choice/thought/action adds up. .."mouth hunger" is (in many ways) an illusion.

have you ever (really) sat back, and just felt hunger? ..there's a good possibility that the hunger-striker would say: "hey, this isn't that bad."

hunger & thirst are feedback mechanisms that the body uses to clue us into the fact that it could use some hydration and natural nutrients, in moderate quantities.

ways that we can manage "hunger challenges" include:

* prepare, by getting rid of all processed junk food (do it for those who we Love)
* prepare, by pre-positioning unprocessed raw food snacks (and water with lemon) so that they are readily available
* prepare small quantities
* prepare ourselves for temptation (especially when out/visiting)
* prepare by practicing slow-breathing, and use breathing as a momentary shift in times of temptation

when food & drink does make its way to our lips, let's really In-Joy the experience, by slowing down and using all of our senses.

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