Sunday, August 9, 2009

IP-15: tell-a-Vision

while television makes people miserable, telling a Vision is a Whole, different story.

if one were to pay attention, one could literally feel how t.v. commercials (sitcoms, newscasts, talk-shows, reality shows, etc.) contribute to dis-ease.

tell-a-Vision, defined: the wIe definition of tell-a-Vision is "to express your Highest-Self Vision." ..people express via communication, art, touch, body language, etc.

question: how does one come up with her/his "Vision"?

one Way is to sit, quietly, and maybe ask self a couple of the following questions:

1. what do i Love about my girlfriend (partner, spouse, parent, sibling, co-worker, etc.)?

2. what have been the top 3 moments of my life? ..why? did i feel? can i re-create that feeling? ..( recreation = re-Ceation)

3. what am i grateful for, right now?

4. if i were to give three compliments, right now, what would i say? whom? ..why am i waiting? (maybe i'll begin with One compliment)

5. if i were to tell a story of my "Perfect Day," what would that Vision look like?

can you come up with any other questions that might help someone to visualize he/r Vision?
* picture 1 "window to the soul" by kristin dessert, made as a gift for clare dunn, gift exchange, circa de 1996.

* picture 2 "looking through the not whole" by l. martineau, 2001-ish.

* future post
: we'll resurrect the 2002 thoem, entitled "knothole."

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