Friday, August 21, 2009

hummingbird heaven

"it's a bird that can hover!"
if a beach-jogger's favorite bird is the sandpiper, then a helicopter pilot's favorite would have to be the hummingbird.

last week, after visiting friends in south carolina, it became apparent that spending $10 on a hummingbird feeder might be well worth the investment.

these little monsters are not only fun, but they can serve as a great meditative focus. ..south charlotte hummingbirds seem to be a bit territorial, and it's not uncommon to observe the alpha hummingbird in the act of chasing away other, lesser wannabees.

below are a couple of back porch pics:

below: the feeder

below: a hummer samples an in-flight meal

hummingbirds like to chow-down on sweet water, and those in the 'neau suggest a 1:4 sugar-to-water ratio.

for best results (and no bees), find a hummingbird feeder that has long, thin feeding holes.

then, select your favorite beverage and settle-in for some flapping-good entertainment.

* the top and bottom pictures were taken (march, 2009) at a resort near volcano arenal, la fortuna, costa rica. ..there, dozens of hummingbirds appeared to project much more of a "share, and share alike" mentality.



  1. My latest meditative focus - unsought for - was a particularly dull episode of CSI. Or maybe I just slipped into a bland writing incuced coma!

  2. Those pictures are so neat! I've always thought having a HB feeder would be nice. My SIL has one and they have a TON that come to their feeder. I'd love to be able to capture some good pictures, too :O)

    ~*~ Wendy ~*~

  3. hi, no one!

    the only thing more meditative than that would be to blandly write a dull episode of CSI.
    :) lenman

  4. hello, wendy!

    welcome to wIe!

    you'll love the hummingbird dance. my camera isn't cooperating, but you'll be able to get some GREAT photos.

    let me know how it works out,