Saturday, August 1, 2009

(happy?) birthday

the next time that you blow out the candles,
you might want to wish for something other than the ceremonial birthday cake... the one that's sitting right there, in front of you.

it is surmised that the most sung song on planet earth is the “happy birthday song.”

that being said, the most prevalent method of family-oriented, cult-like, slow-suicide is the ceremony associated with your birthday cake.

warning: the remainder of this post may cross a few boundaries,
as overdrama-fication will be used (as usual) to make a point.

i apologize, in advance...

this essay really needs to be skipped.

don’t you have something
better to do?

click here for "(happy) birthday".doc

* note to self: i do not expect this post to go over well. ..but, since my family will be celebrating several birthdays and anniversaries in the near future, and since i'm presently acting as a wellness coach for several clients/family/friends, and since several of us are dealing with weight issues, i simply cannot not express this.

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