Saturday, August 8, 2009

eighty-five (+ One)

alternative title: happy birthday, albert!

august 8th

my father (albert) turns 86 today.'s a replay of his 85th birthday, with a wish of "happy birthday, dad!"

eighty-five [1]

by y. o. ungatheart

eighty-five lit candles
eighty-five new ways
eighty-five short years (that’s over 30,000 days)

eighty-five new jokes (a little sparkle in his eyes)
eighty-five quick quotes, still taking notes, at


  • it is difficult to determine the impact of any, one action (and its resulting ripple-effect).

  • it is impossible to imagine the amount of laughter, life, learning and Love that result from the millions of ripple-effects that are born during an 85-year play, in process.

  • each of us (here, tonight) has played a role during this ongoing, uplifting play.

  • albert, thank you for every, single, continuing moment…including:

    • early-morning wake-ups, every morning, before you went to work
    • family-centered sit-down dinners (every night of the week)
    • sunday afternoon joy-rides in the station wagon
    • cleaning the shop on saturdays, so that we could have… things like... shoes

    • turning simple things (like thunderstorms) into family entertainment
    • fishing, picnics, family feuds, and family re-Unions
    • french fries, at spring lake beach
    • the opportunity to sing “blinka, blinka, blinka,” all the way from mineral spring avenue to the dairy-dip
    • (“look at all those tiger lilies”)

    • do’s… and dooooooon’ts ………….and “dittos”
    • laughs, and laughs, and laughs, and laughs, and then more laughs
    • integrity, honesty, assertiveness… and human-ness
    • stability… in a world of chaos
    • Love, wrapped-up in an assortment of packages
    • …and… (drum roll, please)…

    • having the wisdom to marry a True, living Angel

  • may each one of us have the wisdom to consciously create our own ripple-effects, in our own way, as we chart our own courses during this magical journey called life.

[1] martineau, l. (8-2.1-2008). book 63: Free Spirit. © 2008

click "play" below for a reading of this poem (9 minutes, 33 seconds)

* today (8 august, 2009) i called home to wish al a happy birthday., al shocked me into silence when he uttered these three small words, one after the other, in succession:

"I Love You."



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