Friday, July 10, 2009

rhode island has an island

block island is a small island, located just off the coast of rhode island (which is not long island, but rather, a state). ..huh?

you can travel there by "fast ferry" (which is a catamaran on steroids), but we always opt for the slower journey.

below: galilee (across the harbor from jerusalem)
noooooooooo... rhode island
doesn't have any puritan roots...

below (back to front):
donna, john, steve, jessie, mom, kevin
below: the ride
...............................steve & precy

the seagull situation
(some dude thought it would be fun to feed a seagull a few potato chips)

steve & kevin; mom & jessie
mom & lenny; steve & precy

below: mom & donna

the beach & rock wall (breakwater), block island

below: jessica strikes a pose in front of a fast-cat named "jessica II"

below: jessie & kevin
below: the trip back to the mainland

left: john, dad, precy, steve, clare

below: precy, mom, jessie, dad, kevin
below: home - salty air and galilee beach,
prior to brutal rhode island beach traffic
there's something about the rhode island beaches. ..they are rough & raw, yet inviting. ..the salty air and the olfactory stimulation from changing tides can (momentarily) relieve one from inner anxieties.

rugged coastline connects a small, rebellious state with the atlantic ocean. ..on a day like today, when the water is flat and the sun is bright, you are grateful just to inhale the scenery.

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