Saturday, July 18, 2009

(praying) mantis

if there's one thing that brings out the best in the martineaus, it's animal life. ..during a three day span, rhode island erupted into "josephine's wild kingdom" as mom was introduced to a corn snake (care of moi); a possum (who scurried across the back yard); and a slug (which she thought was, quote: "a rolled-up leaf").

it was sunday the 12th, when, along with the morning paper, a baby praying mantis appeared in the kitchen.

naturally, we invited the pray-er in, and allowed it to crawl on the kitchen table (pictures below).

left: al can't help but wonder "what next?" as a praying mantis becomes the center of attention in the kitchen.

my mission, of course, is to use any excuse to get my foot into a picture (below).
does this mini-mantis have only one antenna? wonder he wound up here...
below: we did what any family would do...
we airlifted mr. mantis onto the yellow rose that jerry bought for jean.

below: al & jo ponder the plight of the praying mantis, before determining that it needed to be treated in accordance with the martineau "catch and release" policy.
below: the young mantis is last seen on the hedge in front of the house, released from captivity ...and into the wild.

-the beginning?

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