Sunday, July 19, 2009

lost within a Dream

lost within a Dream [1]

by l. ost

lost within a Dream

caught within a Play

trapped within what seems to be a Bright (yet stormy) day

trapped within a manta, here: there is no “i” in Team

caught within a Mellow Drama

lost within a Dream


  • why is it that almost every one of my friends and family members seem to be asking ourselves the Same, fun-duh-mental questions:

    • is this all that there is to my life?
    • what am i supposed to be doing?
    • why does “full” feel empty?

  • is it because we’ve set ourselves up with extremely unrealistic material-world expectations?

  • if (in All actuality) our True Purpose is To Be… which is something that we can’t not do, then are we not Living our Purpose, just by (you-man) Being?

[1] martineau l. (6-29.1-2009). book 67: melt. © 2009 picture (by l. martineau) of rendezvous island, belize.


  1. Very lovely. Most to the point of anything you've written. Good to have you back.

  2. Thank you, No One!

    Family time was incredible, and it's good to be back into my own routine, also.

    Amazing, we creatures of habit. :)