Thursday, July 23, 2009

IP-9: the "half-smile" phenomenon

the "half-smile": a body-mind connection in action.

try this: close your eyes. ..then, while breathing slowly, move the edges of your lips upward, into a half-smile. ..after that, move them downward, into a frown. ..repeat.

most people will experience a mood change as the facial muscles form a smile ("up") vs.
when the facial muscles go limp or (worse yet) form a frown.

did you feel anything different?

* inspired by the line in "versa-vice" that goes:
"upside-down, a happy-face is mirror of dejection."
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  1. Yes...and I found the change delightful. Then, (you know me...I gotta take it to the limit) I increased the 'half-smile' to olympic proportions.

    I noted that the upward motion of the lips physically raises EVERY muscle in the body. My shoulders lifted UP, my back straightened UP, and even my feet came UP off the floor a fraction (these phenomena happening during the "full smile" phase of the exercise).

    So, the choice is, do I want to have an UP day or not? Kind of a no-brainer...

    Love you!!
    xoxoxo, me

  2. Clare!

    Your comment was soooo GREAT that I went back and practiced the "OverDunn Olympic-Freestyle Fullsmile Technique" (which is what it is now called).

    My initial report is... WOW! Gotta do that more often! It feels like I'm an inch taller!

    Sometimes in life, it's the simple things, baby!
    Love, broLen

  3. Clare,

    You crack me up! You are definately the female version of your brother.

    Love ya both!

  4. Clare has been an inspiration to me ever since I was little.
    Lotsa Love,

  5. After the OverDunn Olympic-Freestyle Fullsmile Technique, the next sequential step is "laughter" (which is a good thing, because it's likely that you'll be laughing at yourself for DOing this).

    Anyway...scientists tell us that laughter is one of the best ways to achieve homeostasis through the dissipation of stress hormones like epinephrine & norepinephrine.

    Additionally, Clare's technique includes "axial extension," which is a lengthening of the vertebral column. This provides for increased nervous system function, which (again) benefits the Whole bodymind. :)

  6. Well! The OverDunn Olympic-Freestyle-Fullsmile Technique...hmmmm...a little cumbersome on the tongue, but I like it! Watch for this at the next will be a team event.

    Occasionally, someone will ask if Len and I are twins. I always answer 'YES', because it makes me a half-dozen-or-so years younger. There's a bonus to everything!
    Love you, back!

    You may have found some inspiration from this quarter, but know this: the wealth of knowledge, breadth of enjoyment and depth of compassion you display on a daily basis has affected my life in ways you cannot even imagine.

    And It Is All Good!

    xoxoxo, me

  7. Dear, dear Clare,

    It is sooooooo interesting that, growing up, we never said what we now say often, which is:

    I Love You!

  8. We're making up for 'lost' I Love You's, I think.

    Jerry taught me to say "I Love You" on a daily basis. Talk about an inspiration...he is mine!

    Jerry's daily "I Love You's" have filtered down through the fam to the point where I have even heard DAD utter these incredible words - which, as we all 'neau, is amazing in itself.

    Here's to the sturdy tenacity of this tradition! Salute!

    I Love You,
    xoxoxo, me