Tuesday, July 21, 2009

IP-8 smoothie of the day (man-go bananas)

for those of us who'd like to enjoy vibrant health, but haven't yet gotten fully into "juicing," wIe can keep it simple with smoothies.

today's (man-go bananas) smoothie was made with:

* 2 bananas
* several chunks of frozen mango
* a few chunks of pineapple
* 1/4 cup-ish orange juice (to liquefy)

* topped off with cinnamon.

1. put ingredients in blender
2. press "play" (taste test by scooping & slurping a spoonful off of the top, while it's blending)
3. after pouring into a cool-looking glass, sprinkle cinnamon on top

it tastes better than it looks in this picture. ..actually, it looks better than it looks in the picture... :)

* makes several delicious servings, needs no sweeteners (no ice cream, no yogurt). ..very, very filling.

* smoothies allow us to consume the pulp (and glean its fiber). ..juicers remove the pulp, giving you more vitamins/minerals per ounce, but i've found it hard to "throw away" the pulp.
..you'll need a compost thigamajig if you really want to juice.
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